Wednesday 22 April 2015

Fubar Radio 2 hour guest slot

Rosie was a guest on James Acaster's iPod shuffle show on Fubar Radio. James was away and Joey Page stepped in to compare music collections with Rosie. Check out Episode 10 on iTunes.

More monogamy articles and debates

Rosie was invited to be on a panel discussing monogamy at Edinburgh Science Festival and, ahead of that, she wrote this article for The List. She was also invited to take part in a discussion on ITV1 O'Brien show in April where she fought her way in amidst all the talk of swinging and sex to make the point that we are all in lots of relationships as we all have friends.

Brixton goodness

Rosie was interviewed by Brixton Blog about her career ahead of performing at Brixton Bookjam. The interview appeared in their print edition Brixton Bugle and online.  Brixton Blog arts team came along to the bookjam event and here are their photos and thoughts on the event. Here's the podcast of the evening. Click on Set 2 and catch Rosie at around 6 min 25.